Face to face and online training courses:

For enquiries about our general pedagogical training, face to face or online, please write to

Training for language teachers, particularly in pronunciation pedagogy, takes place online, in Brighton (UK), London and in Besancon (France). It is organised by Pronunciation Science Ltd.

About the trainers:

Roslyn Young was born in Australia and after obtaining a BA and a Dip. Ed. from the University of Queensland, she taught English literature in Australian schools for a few years.

She moved to France in 1967 and worked at the University of Franche-Comté in the Centre de Linguistique Appliquée from 1968 until she retired, teaching English and sometimes French in intensive courses. She met Gattegno for the first time in 1971 in Geneva, where she saw him teach an hour of Chinese. She knew immediately that she wanted to be able to teach in this way.

Roslyn wrote her doctoral thesis on Gattegno’s model and its relevance to his work in language teaching. She has published around 30 articles on teaching and the Silent Way, including L'anglais avec l'approche Silent Way.

Roslyn worked for the Gattegno association in France, Une Education Pour Demain, from the beginning of the 1980's until 2014. She continues to do teacher training for Actualis in Versailles. (Teacher training can be anything between a two-day course on a specific subject and a five-year programme designed to produce a new generation of teacher trainers.)

Piers Messum studied mathematics and law at Cambridge University before becoming a computer programmer. He taught English in Japan in the mid-1980's where he learnt Japanese in a Silent Way class. He first met Gattegno there, at a seminar where Gattegno described the application of his model to the problem of health.

After working in software sales, Piers started teaching English again in 1991, this time using the Silent Way. He became interested in how pronunciation is learned, and wrote a doctoral thesis at University College London which developed some of Gattegno's ideas to explain how children learn the pronunciation of their first language. Most recently Piers has been teaching English in London while continuing his academic research. He has published work in Journal of Phonetics, Motor Control, Current Biology and PLoSONE.

Together, Roslyn and Piers wrote an introduction to the work of Caleb Gattegno published in English as How We Learn and How We Should be Taught and in French as Comprendre l'apprentissage pour mieux enseigner.